Windsurfing for Beginners

At Ride with the Gods® we offer our supervised Wind-surfing services in private and small groups of maximum 3 people.
We cater to the needs of both casual surfers who want to have fun with their group of friends, as well as to individuals who prefer to receive an even more tailored experience.
We prefer to keep our groups small, to make sure that we pay our out-most attention to each and every student so that you can make the most out of each session.

Our windsurf offering:


We highly recommend our six-hour package for our entry level customers. We have structured it into three two-hour sessions, through which we aim our customers to experience all the essentials of windsurfing. By the end of our entry level six-hour session, our customers will be able to start, sail and steer safely and independently.


  • We offer our services to all age groups and levels; a minimum age of 7 is recommended for entry level riders.
  • For our 6 hours package, you can breakdown the hours during your stay in the island, depending the weather conditions and availability, after consulting with us. We usually recommend three sessions consisting 2 hours each, or four sessions consisting 1.5 hour each.

Our entry level six hour package for windsurf

First step:

A 2-hour “initiation” session includes a basic introduction to the equipment, rules on safety, theory of sailing, try out on the simulator and basic turns in the water.


Second step:

A 2-hour session, where you’ll experience how to steer, tack and sail been able to guide your board according to the given task.


Third step:

A 2-hour session, where you’ll experience how to fast tack, jibe and steer with marks.

All of the above scheme can be customized upon the needs of each student after taking in mind the wind conditions of the day.

We are happy to offer also hourly advanced technique sessions to more experienced riders who want to improve in planing, beach-start, water start, planing jibes, tacks and basic freestyle tricks.

We speak in English or Greek.

Our Rates

All Season**
1 hour windsurfing group for beginners
50€ /hour/person
1 hour windsurfing private for beginners
70€ /hour
6 hours windsurfing group Vdws basic
240€ /6 hours
6 hours windsurfing private Vdws basic
320€ /6 hours
Vdws Basic License after successful examinations
30€ extra

* All prices include full equipment. (Board, Rig, Life Vest, Harness, Wetsuit, Lycra).
* Groups have to be formed prior your registration for the session.
* For the high season dates (July-August) we highly suggest a pre-booking of your session.