The Spot

Location, location, location!
The most important feature of a wind/kite surfing station, is its location. Finding a good spot,  that can combine ideal weather conditions for different skill levels, a safe environment, forgiving to less experienced athletes (free of power lines, trees and other sources of danger) and an attractive scenery, is a challenging task.  We spent years looking for this ideal location, and we finally found it, here in Naxos.


Our station is situated, in between Mikri Vigla and Kastraki, Naxos, on a 1.5 kilometer long, sandy beach with pristine waters and constant winds. In summer time, weather conditions make it an ideal training ground for all levels. Beginners in need of flat waters and a safe bay, intermediate athletes who simply want to freeride and improve their level, slalom and formula racers who enjoy long distances and speed or even seasoned surfers who seek a freestyle playground, can all have a blast.


Meltemi -a seasonal North-Northeastern wind- blows in the Aegean from May to September with typical speeds of 4-6 bf setting the ideal conditions for the island of Naxos.  In our spot in Kastraki, wind direction during the “meltemi season” is usually sideshore to offshore.
Occasional southern winds with an onshore direction are also probable near the end and the beginning of the summer season, and offer a great chance for bumps and jumps as our spot becomes rather wavy.

How to get to our station

Mikri Vigla, the beach where our station is located, is just 16.5 kilometers away from the port and the city center of Naxos (or around 20 minute by car), and 14 kilometers away from the island’s airport (or around 17 minutes by car).

There are many ways to reach our station.

1. By use of GPS

You simply have to type ” Ride with the gods ” in Google maps and let technology will do the most for you.
We highly suggest that for the last 1km it is better to follow the signs to our station or follow the following draws:
Way via the beach of Mikri Vigla (you must stop your vehicle before the sand and walk the last part):
Way via the field road (Use this road if you want to park in our land or you carry equipment):

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You can find our signs in the church of Aghia Paraskevi and use the field road to our land or to type “manolis studios” and before you reach manolis follow our signs.

Alternatively you can use the following coordinates via any GPS.

Latitude: 37.0173448 – Longitude: 25.3775042


2. By bus from the city center of Naxos (Hora)

Buses are available on an hourly basis during the day from the city center to Kastraki. Ticket cost is 2,60 euros. All you need to do is hop off at the “Liofagos tavern” stop in Mikri Vigla, follow the signs and after the last sign enjoy to walk in the last 100 sandy meters to our station. If you have any trouble reaching us, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you navigate or help you carry your equipment.

3. By taxi from the city center of Naxos (Hora)

The cost is typically around 30 Euros. Taxis can be found near the port area straight in front of the ships. Taxis with roof racks may also be available in case you wish to carry your equipment (typically cost is 5 euro for every kite and 10 euros per every windsurf). Please let the taxi driver know that you would like to reach “Ippokampos tavern” in Mikri Vigla area; our station is right next to it walking in the sand. Alternatively, we can help you guide the driver directly to our station.

4. By car or motorbike

If you are using a car or motorbike, there are two options to reach our station. You can either take the main road that leads to the Villages with a direction towards Vivlos (Tripodes), continue your way to Kastraki and then follow the Signs at the “military camp” junction.

Alternatively, you can take the coastal road, with a direction towards Mikri Vigla and subsequently follow the signs that will guide you all the way to our station.

A number of companies can be found at the city center of Naxos, offering bike and motorbike rentals. The cost for car and motorbike rentals really depending on the vehicle, period and days. Please don’t hesitate to reach us by email or phone, should you need any further information or clarification; we’ll be happy to help you and provide you with local knowledge and tips.