Kitesurf Rentals & Storage

We offer rental of our high end equipment, as well as storage units so that you won’t have to carry it around the island.

A high pressure hand pump is also available at our premises so that you can pump your equipment.

We can also offer safe storage for your equipment.

Our Rates

First hour
40 €
Every extra hour (same day)
20 €
1 hour boat supervision
20 €

* Boards only or kite only rental -40% of the rental prices
* We don’t offer insurance. If any damage of the equipment causing by the client use he/she needs to pay the full value of the equipment repair.
* All prices include Wet-suit, Life Vest, Lycra and Helmet.
* Rental prices are per person, equipment cannot be shared.

1 day
15 €
1 week
60 €
1 month
250 €

*1 board – 1 kite