Kitesurfing courses

At Ride with the Gods® we offer courses in private and small groups of maximum 2 people. We cater to the needs of both casual surfers who want to have fun with their group of friends, as well as to individuals who prefer to receive an even more tailored lesson.
We prefer to keep our groups small, to make sure that we pay our out-most attention to each and every student so that you can make the most out of each lesson.

Our Kitesurf offering:


We offer lessons to all age groups and levels and we are happy to share tips on advanced techniques to more experienced riders.


We highly recommend our entry level offering which is structured in three 3-hour sessions.

Our kitesurfing packages

Level 1 – Discovery:

Understanding the wind conditions, learning how to set up the kite in the proper (safe) way, control the training kite on shore and learn the safety steps

Level 2 – Intermediate:

Water action is here, body drag with a regular kite in the water by using several techniques and launch/re-launch the kite.
Student is supervised from our rescue boat.

Level 3 – Independent:

You are one step before you ride, are you ready to make your first meters as a kitesurfer? Then you learn how to start and finish at the same place.
Student is supervised from our rescue boat.

Our aim through the entry level package, is to deliver all the fundamentals necessary so that by the end of the course, you’ll be able to kite surf independently.

We also offer demonstrations for intermediate and advanced kite-surfers.

Lessons can be taught in English, German (upon request) or Greek.

All our instructors are VDWS or IKO certified.


Our Rates

Low Season**
High Season***
1 hour private
1 hour private with boat
1 hour semi private (2 per - 1 kite)
50€ /person
50€ /person
1 hour semi private with boat
60€ /person
60€ /person
level 1/ 3 hour private
level 2/ 3 hour private with boat
level 3/ 3 hour private with boat

* All prices include equipment.
* Two persons is the maximum amount of students per group
* All lesson prices include radio communication between the student and the teacher and boat supervision (after the 3rd hour).

**Low Season : May, June (1-15), September (15-30)

***High Season : June (16-30), July, Aug, Sep(1-14)