We take our customers’ health & safety very seriously; we set our standards as high as possible in order to ensure that we minimize risks without compromising on FUN.


Our station is equipped with a motorboat and a Jet Ski to make you feel comfortable enough to step outside of your comfort zone, but at the same time provide for a safety net in case things go south!


Additionally, at least one crew member is tasked with keeping tabs on you at all times when you’re in the water.

We guarantee that everyone is rescued if necessary.


Our gear is always the up-to-date and well maintained. We check it on a daily basis to avoid failure during use. We also provide protective gear such as helmets and life-jackets to all our guests. Signs with our safety rules are located all over the station to remind you what you have to do in case of an emergency.

A GPS tracking system is one of our station’s unique offerings. Any guest can be tracked throughout their ride upon request.


We provide a designated area for kite take offs and landings. Moreover we have marked a water corridor in front of our station for take-offs of our other water activities to ensure safe take off and return. Swimmers are prohibited from this area so there is no risk of collisions. In case of emergency our station is equipped with a first aid station while all of our staff are trained and experienced lifeguards.


In case of emergency our station is equipped with a fully equipped first aid station.


Finally all of our staff is trained and experienced lifeguards.


We believe that the combination of proper safety education (which we provide to every customer), specialized safety equipment, and lots of good will can eliminate any potential danger .