Environmental Responsibility

In Ride with The Gods we value the natural environment we are working in, and treat it as one of the most important components of our offering.

To that end, we are taking steps towards conserving it through an environmental friendly business model, as well as with specific initiatives geared towards raising environmental awareness and protecting our beach.


  • Each and every activity we offer is eco-friendly as all of our sports have zero carbon footprint. We use sun, wind and water as our locomotion.


  • We carefully choose our equipment and materials to make sure they meet what we believe to be environmentally safe and friendly. This extends to every last detail, including our facilities and our signs.


  • We provide large recycle bins to make sure that our students and guests are encouraged to help us conserve the beautiful beach we call our home.


  • We organize periodic community beach cleans where we try to raise awareness on environmental issues by picking up the litter in Kastraki, and encouraging others to join us!


  • We are deploying water tanks in order to save as much water as possible.


  • We offer solar energy cellphone chargers to use as little electricity as possible.

Finding paradise is one thing
But conserving it is another